Investor Services

We at Tillyard Management Inc. strive to make the process of commercial real estate ownership worry-free for our clients. For many of our clients, this may include asset acquisition and disposition, purchaser due diligence, market research, and risk management. That said, our primary goal is to increase the value of our clients’ properties over time. We accomplish this through expert facilities management, key capital improvements, and increased rent revenue. Using Yardi software, our accounting team works closely with our clients and property managers. They deliver accurate reporting of capital and operating budgets and to manage on-going costs. All of this is done whenever possible by using sustainability strategies that are implemented in accordance with our clients’ preferences.

Transaction Management

We Tillyard Management Inc. have long represented both new and established clients when it comes to the acquisition and the disposition of real estate investment properties. This ranges from finding a suitable property to finding a suitable buyer and all of the steps in between. Some of the ways we can help include purchaser due diligence, risk management, market research, and marketing. Our services include access to and the evaluation of CoStar market analysis, which offers the latest real estate market statistics on office, industrial and retail buildings.


We offer a full-service accounting program that comprehensively spans occupier and investor services. This includes but is not limited to the preparation and implementation of capital and operating budgets and institutional grade monthly or quarterly reporting. We also do rent restructuring and collection, lease renewal and negotiation, and all other accounting needs. Because we use Yardi Voyager Accounting and Management software, we are well-positioned to catch potential problems in budgets and operating costs before they can become major issues.

Energy Management and Environmental Sustainability

Tillyard Management Inc. is dedicated to the implementation of sustainable practices whenever possible. We recognise that there is an urgent need to incorporate practices that help foster green development. We also seek to limit our carbon footprint and mitigate past, harmful building practices. Our previous experience includes assessing and removing asbestos and other contaminants from commercial and industrial structures. Currently, we are systematically replacing outdated systems – HVAC, roofing, plumbing, etc. – with greener alternatives as they come up for renewal or replacement. We have incorporated sustainability as a cornerstone of our tenant attraction and retention at our largest office properties.